Unique Armors Bug

Just want to concern a bug about Unique armors having their ability. I am currently playing a Chronomancer and my main damage skill was Fire blast. I just got a Unique Armor “Arathor’s Chest Tier 4” it has a skill Fire blast, when I check my abilities there are 2 Fire blast skill which is my lvl10 and a lvl3. The bug was everytime I enter dungeon my Fire Blast was was on lvl3 because my lvl10 has a higher damage and its 5 seconds cooldown. To fix this everytime I enter dungeon I should remove first my Arthor’s armor equip my level10 Fireblast and equip the armor again. Kindly fix the bug that allows the user to use the higher level skill than a lower one.

Hello Elena, I’m really sorry you experienced this, but rest assured this bug/issue will surely be forwarded to the team

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