Unplayable dungeons, giant INVISIBLE WALL

Invisible wall in random sections of the map making it impossible to finish the dungeon & play(some even at the very start of the dungeon, less frustrating then wasting time inside the dungeon just to be unable to finish it)

All of servers, it depends on the generation of the dungeon…
Wastelands & Binos, desert map.

Since the beginning of Ruby.

Inside the portal/dungeon in desert maps


Thanks for posting this, I might ask for more details.

Our Dev team is actively looking into this issue right now.

The forum only allows 8mb files… so its a bit hard to show everything in detail. Any way of posting longer videos for additional info? I don’t want to use third party websites to avoid adding external links in the post.

had the same bug. First my party was split up in the dungeon so we all left,then when we entered again we got this bug. Needs to be fixed.

Had the same bug happen 3 times inside corrupted dungeons