Using Space Utility

I would like to understand better how using Space Utility will work.

Let’s put things like this:

  1. I bought 4 spaces

  2. I have no money to invest anymore

  3. Game is released

  4. I have two exalted spaces and I cannot attach and use any utility on space cus I don’t have mystery boxes.

  5. The game started I have two most expensive pieces of space, and cannot use utility cus have no money to buy mystery boxes, SO my SPACE is useless in this case.

Is this a good understanding?

That’s how I understand it too. Some social feature will come later ( invite your friends and showcase your NFT, maybe a chest to store items too ).

But the team confirmed in an AMA that theses things will not be implemented at first. Your space will only serve the purpuse to connect an utility NFT at first.

Just in case you missed that ( as it was not announced, just mentionned in the AMA bellow )

  • A new mystery box sale is comming soon
  • these new mysteroy box will drop either a forge, armory or time warden
  • only theses future mystery box will drop exalted utility, not the one we have ( i guess it still need to be updated on openloot that the current time warden box can’t give exalted )

Thank you, Zet for your answer.

Very disappointing, I spend almost $10k on spaces and they are useless cus I don’t have money to invest more.
And this info was hidden when they sale the spaces.


suck it early investors