Utility For NFT Cosmetics

Certain cosmetic NFTs should provide some in-game utility to drive incentive towards skin/title collection beyond just appearance. This utility should not provide any power advantage, but rather unlock fun features of the game such as exclusive areas/content, mounts, or other fun features. This will help to increase the value of these skins, especially for EAL exclusives.

For example, let’s say you have the full armor set + title for a time warrior, maybe this could unlock an exclusive NFT mount for time warriors.


Love the idea. I was thinking owning a full set should unlock a Trophy that would show in your Space, and would be really cool if it did add some sort of utility. Tiny bit of base movement speed, access to special areas, all the stuff you mentioned, really great idea.

We all know they need to overhaul the cosmetics to make sure everyone knows exactly what rarity cosmetic everyone is using so we can flex them. Right now, no one has any idea if anyone is even using a cosmetic, making them pretty useless. Utility for collecting the full set on top of that overhaul would be amazing!



I also want to add another great idea I heard from another player, one which I think would dramatically increase the value/utility:

By collecting full sets or other rare weapon skins, gain increased token drop rate or some other utility related towards token/nft collection. This would actually provide economic utility, beyond just a fun perk.


Yes, increasing NFT value is easy I guess.

Whatever you add in + for the NFT’s this will add value but I like a lot your ideas here.
I would add also some power to the items. Using them just for visuals its not to valuable for me at least :slight_smile:

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keep nfts visual then u dont have to balance them, if they get powers and get nurfed the price will suffer.

I like some of these ideas, set bonus trophy’s etc. Im looking forward to crafting, personnel hideout etc.

One thing id love to see would be a portfolio, all my nfts listed with floor price, % increase/decrease daily/weelky, totals etc.

Really enjoying the game and the community, keep it up!!


Yeah I totally agree. Don’t want this post to turn into a pay-to-win push because I am 100% against any power advantage and totally behind the stance Big Time is taking with NFTs. The point is, there is a way to provide utility that is greater than cosmetic appearance only.

I acknowledge that Big Time does have NFTs with economic utility such as Space, Time Wardens, Forges etc… but these NFTs are only as good as the value of what they are creating (i.e. cosmetic skins). By creating utility within the skin themselves (i.e. increased token drop rate), the utility circle is now complete.

First thing first, they need to overhaul the cosmetics so they look unique from regular items and we know exactly what rarity cosmetic people are wearing. Unique models and glows that scale or are color coded for rarity. Weapons and Armor. Then we can talk about Utility!\

I like the idea of giving a trophy if you collect the set or a special glow that let’s people know you have the full set. Great stuff guys.



Got confirmation they will be overhauling the cosmetics so they are unique and people know what rarity you are wearing.

Also got confirmation that there will be some utility to certain NFTs that have been upgraded from the Armory. No details on the utility, but possibly access to special areas, quests, or content otherwise not available unless you hold the upgraded NFT.

Awesome new on both fronts!


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Adding another utility suggestion here:

For NFT weapon skins, have the type of weapon (2h hammer, 1h sword, dual blade, etc…) change/improve the auto-attack animation. Maybe the current animations are the default, but the aesthetics of the animation could look cooler for higher rarity NFTs (i.e. different fighting styles and/or spell effects).

I think players would love this because it allows them to further customize their character and experience more variety of gameplay styles. Big Time really needs to nail down the character identity and customization aspect of this game for it to succeed with an NFT model that is inherently based around character appearance.

Also I think there should be more variation with the weapon types in general (i.e. make a 2h axe animation different from a 2h sword)