Variety of mechanics to mobs

Problem you’re trying to solve
I think it’s time we have some new blood in the mix of mobs. Or new changes to current ones. Fully aware that this is already on the dev team mind/schedule and I thought we might help out as well.(focusing on the mechanics of the mobs)

How you currently feel about this in-game and how you think you should feel
Som monsters where added but they didn’t had an impact. Some changes to current mobs were good though.

Any ideas you have on how things could be improved, fixed, or add more fun to the experience
Im going to mention some ideas and I encourage the community to chime in:

  • mind control mobs, I wenna hit my friends.
  • mobs that die with only physical damage (gives warriors and SB some love)
  • mobs that die by a method ( an item that drop randomly by any mob then you pick it up to kill a certain mob or boss with it)
  • mob that teleport you to different zone and you have to 1v1 him.
  • mob that randomly drop from the sky (maybe for boss room)
  • Flying/water/underground mobs.
  • mob that effected only by specific spells
  • similar to above mob but you need specific spells from each class to kill him)
  • mob that if you gathered 5 of them in close space they will become bigger and stronger (since most of groups like to gather many mobs to one spot, this will counter it a bit or make it mor fun!)
  • mob that will only be effected by a specific weapon.
  • mob that you can only hit from behind.
  • mob that copies your entire stats and skills and you have to kill him (imagine if he copied the booster of the group…)
  • mob that slow time.

Please consider this a brainstorming post.

Thank you,