Very interesting question (reset character)

should we expect another reset after the reset of the ruby ​​characters. will there be another reset at the release of the game?

Yes, there will absolutely be a reset before full release. It’s also possibly there may be another reset during Ruby.

Resets are important to allow everyone to play/test new content together and also to give the team a clean slate for bug reporting (sometimes old bugs that were fixed cause new bugs that don’t actually exist anymore).


many will not like it 2 wipes + Stuff were lost before, it’s dangerous for the community to do a lot of wipes)

I personally don’t care because I’m here forever in this project. but people might not like it.

I am happy to start from level 1 and help beginners

Resets are a necessary part of a development cycle, but this dev team has managed to avoid them. There will be another reset at some point. Open Beta is when no more wipes will happen.