Video of dev fixer gameplay/my build advice

Qualification: I have played probably 90+ levels of Quantum fixer since Ruby started.

It would be super interesting to see how the devs intend the class to be played. I know they said they fixed Quantum healing, but I just can’t figure out for the life of me how healing is fixed. I would love to see the formula they think works.

Perhaps there are game mechanics that have yet to be implemented that would fundamentally change how adventures are run in the future that line up with how they implemented healing?

This is how I would spec a Quantum
Level 1: Light Heal

  • Cooldown (CD) 14.
  • Energy Cost (EC) 25
  • Heal From Abilities (HFA) 60

Level 2: Light Heal

  • CD: 13.3
  • EC: 32.5
  • HFA: 70

Level 3: Light Heal - My level 4 Chrono has 617 health. At this rate, if a level 4’s health was at 120 it would take me 95 seconds to heal them to full not accounting for wisdom scaling (I don’t really want to reverse engineer the scaling modifier). So let’s just say with wisdom scaler we reduce it by 1 full cast. so it would still take 6 casts and 81.6 seconds to cast. This is crazy to me, at this level light heal should heal for a minimum of 300 and the cooldown should be half that time at max. This would give Quantum fixer more action economy if they are playing as a healer, as I think they are intended to do. At this level, 1 heal should probably be enough to take anyone from 10% health to 90% health. Particularly if the cooldown is 12 seconds and it’s an AoE heal where you actually have to hit the person in the area and people have often spread out so you probably can’t heal everyone in one AoE. So while you could get heal beam here or at level 2, you really don’t want to because you want to get to Full Heal ASAP.

  • CD: 12.6
  • EC: 40
  • HFA: 80

Level 4: Full Heal - You have to take this because Superior Heal is not available until 6 points in Light heal. Why Superior heal needs 6 in light heal and full heal only needs 3, I have no idea. But you have to take this here because light heal does not heal nearly enough for the length of cooldown it has. Even though the cooldown for full heal is 120 seconds, which is much longer than Light Heal at 13 seconds, you can cast more light heals for more health over that 120 seconds overall. The chunks are too small for the amount of damage they can receive over that time. Generally, if someone is taking damage they take a lot of damage at one single time not just 80 here and there. Typically they take 300-400 or more at this level. After an attack they are often left with 20% health just healing 10-15% every 13 seconds is not enough to keep them alive if they take more damage. Therefore it’s better to take full heal to top them off so that they survive the fight and then use light heal to spot-heal them or others and then rest with a tree up after the fight to recover. Which allows your full heal CD to recover between battles.

  • Cooldown 120
  • Energy Cost 100
  • HFA 5400

Level 5: Heal Beam - This gives you spot healing for those that are not in the AoE healing radius. This heals for enough in my opinion and scales very well with wisdom as you level up. Great ability, all you need is one level of it.
CD: 20
EC: 30
HFA: 260
Healing: 108

Level 6: Healing Aura - You will now want to focus on getting instant revive, this ability is absolute garbage for healing, its best for tanking and keeping hate. Mainly because if you have it on you will have hate, therefore the mobs will be attacking you. Most mobs hit with splash damage, so anyone standing near you will be constantly taking damage that the aura won’t offset, so it’s a net negative. In addition, since the mobs will be attacking you, you will have to be in a blocking stance, which means you cannot stop blocking to actually heal anyone. But if you want instant revive, you have to take this even if you don’t want to tank as a fixer.

Level 7: Instant Revive - Required for any fixer, no matter the build. The healing scales fine with wisdom as you level up. You only need 1 level of this.
CD: 60
EC: 75
Radius: 512
Healing: 48

Now you have your core abilities and you can begin to customize how you want to play your quantum fixer. You could focus on gates, if you do that at this level, I would recommend you find a gear with that specific gate you want, because if you get the gates sub tree and want energizer gate you will have to waste 2 levels into fortify, 1 into arsenal, and 1 into magical before you can even put 1 point into energizer. That is 5 level before you can even use the gate you want. At this level that is too much wasted skill points IMO. I would personally focus on decreasing your Full Heal CD.

And really until level 15 you can pretty easily survive adventures by just using trees as healing, so tanking is not really as important. Quantums just speed up the party clear time by reducing the recovery time between fights.

Level 8 or 9 if you put a point into the energizer gate - 16/17: Full Heal to Max level. Full Heal at MAX and 1 Heal Beam allow you to heal enough 90% of the time. I don’t even have light heal on my ability bar anymore.
CD: 42
EC: 490
HFA: 13500

At this point, you could have put one level of energizer gate and have Full Heal Maxed out and you are now good to go with healing abilities probably for the rest of the game. Its working fine for me into the mid 30’s.

Now you can really start to specialize wither it be turrets, gates, tanking, nullify, etc. I think there are two routes you can take, Tank and Not Tank.

If you go tank you will want to MAX out your Shield Block Energy Cost Reduction. Then focus on gates, since gates will allow you to provide more utility/support while you are locked in the block stance.

if you do not tank, I would say you should focus on Gates for Arsenal and Magical Gates and then focus on Nullify abilities Rend and Smite. It will almost be required for MegaClockie Adventures.

That’s my opinion for Q.Fixer 1-32 or thereabout. Open to suggestions on other builds that you all find work well!

With the current gameplay style and time to kill mobs, casting turrets is really too slow. By the time you get through the animation lock, the casting time, the summoning time, the time it takes them to find a nearby mob (which it doesn’t always find the mobs), and the time to fire most pulls are almost over and it was just a waste of time. They are very good for range mobs that move a lot because the turrets don’t ever miss. So they are helpful in cleaning up those mobs if nobody has arrow volley, caltrops, traps, or time bubble to control them… If they did a bit more damage or were much faster at summoning/targeting/and firing them, I would really like them as a tank build since I could then still provide DPS while in tank stance.

Side note: Once you get to level 35+ I think you can then achieve enough Agility through gear stats that you can then start to tank without using the block, you can have enough agility to dodge, evade, and mitigate enough damage while attacking that you no longer need to block. So those points in Shield block energy reduction can be allocated elsewhere.

Often with my tank build, people say it was the best party they have ever had. I will def continue to push the Quantum Fixer tank build as far as I can until I can build a proper Time Warrior Tank.

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The healing is fixed… the issue is core gameplay… when there is no balance between character health and damage and mob health and damage… it will always be broken… i have said this ad naseum… the team can’t seem to figure that out… it is frustrating.

I agree with what Kingperrin1 said. In fact, in the later stage, because of monster damage and HP, QF’s door skills are useless except to restore energy. Even I think this patch makes the gameplay of QF as a tank so weird that it can’t even be taunted

The skill balance of the turret seems to make it impossible for the player to use it anymore, why not just remove it, it limits any style of QF

The development team should let players have more ways to play, such as focusing on support, healing, tanks