Void dungeons and beyond

Problem you’re trying to solve
First off, void dungeons are a huge improvement to the game. The use of dissappearing bridges, multi level platforms, and structures being assembled right before your eyes is visually pleasing, entertaining and emersive.

The problem is a as veteral player since silver pass, i only want to do void dungeons and i am already starting to get bored with it.

How you currently feel about this in-game and how you think you should feel
Void adds a new dimention and dynamic to the game that makes it feel fresher and more engaging.

Thank you for listening to posts about how to make dungeons more fun and implementing void dungeons.

We need MORE.

Any ideas you have on how things could be improved, fixed, or add more fun to the experience
I dont know if this is possible, but can you make some new dungeons where the missions or objectives lead up to a boss room that feels like a seige of a stronghold?

Please, it would feel amazing to have a lord of the rings type gameplay where our team of time warriors, shadowblades, fixers and chronomancers have to take over and claim an enemy stronghold.

Also please please please a hundred times over, take out FAUNA objective.

So for the steonghold dungeon, an example would be missions that align with the main objective of claiming an enemy stronghold. Things like eliminating the ground army around the stronghold, then breaking down a door while tanking turrets, then taking out turrets, then battling more elite enemies within the stronghold, etc…

Make it feel like we are working toward something bigger than all of us combined.

Make it feel like we have to work TOGETHER to accomplish an epic objective.

Right now objectives are weak and they feel scattered, theres no ryhme or reason to them… this is what is making bigtime feel boring… it feels lost even, but its still addicting!

You have the items on point! It is fun to build up our characters, its fun building a guild and teaming up with friends! Just give us a real reason, a satisfying reason to do so! And also give us real challenges to use the ama,ing items we are so diligently collecting.

It is amazing to see the open world you are creating! The different time zones and dungeons that you are making is also going to be fire i can tell… but please give us satisfying content that makes us feel like we grinded hard for op items for a good reason.

Dont be like genshin impact lol

I would be happy to give more ideas on dungeons if you need.

Thank you