We have seen a fraction of the Game

I am a big fan of BT, a gamer, investor and will hopefully have a very goot time long term BUT^^ there is a Thing that bothers me a lot: I know it’s an alpha state of the game and i know that the BT-team do all their best to remove bugs and make the game better…

Still i hear since day one " this is just a fraction of the game, there will be more…"

So my concearn is, if this is a fraction and the team is already hard working and push the release furher and further… How is it possible to release 75% of the missing Game in such a short time AND fix all the new bugs at the same time? I think Q3 is not realistic.

I would love to hear an other oppinion on that.

I may not be from the Big Time team but i can try to put it into perspective for you. The content is probably already there. It’s just not fully implemented. What this means is if by releasing bit by bit in segments i guess you can say. It keeps the users hyped at all times. That’s what i believe Big Time is doing that way we’re not bored and there’s ALWAYS gonna be content for us to do and for us to adventure off into doing. That being said we can probably expect MORE content when RUBY drops and that’s supposed to be in July sometime if everything goes as planned.

You don’t want to release everything all at once or you just won’t have a good launch. That being said expect most of the bugs to get fixed by Ruby. iirc it brings in double our population of what we have now so.

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