We need a better map

Problem you’re trying to solve
I find the current bigtime map very difficult, I don’t like the idea that from the moment we enter the dungeon, the map is all explored and discovered, which causes confusion even for the most experienced player.

How you currently feel about this in-game and how you think you should feel
The truth is that the motivation that gives me bigtime right now is the fact of being able to get nfts, however I must admit that as a good connoisseur and player of rpg/mmorpg games.

I feel that bigtime has to add a better grinding system, because how is it possible that in the previous patch, I got to have a second pocket watch, being lvl 32 rank 36, and for the amount of hours played, I could not even get a decent staff, just a rare staff pretty bad.

In addition to updating or improving the bigtime map, a database system is needed where the user can go to a web page and have the luxury of investigating and say: hey, here in this dungeon, the cyber pirates drop some special rings at 5%drop rate, or hey they drop the belt with ninja leap etc,etc, would be so dope to be honest to have a nice grinding system.

But obviously I know that the project is in alpha stage, and the game is really enjoyable, and it is very good, what you are doing for the project is incredible, so far is very decent the project and im enjoying, hope not to sound toxic with my way of writing :heart:.

Any ideas you have on how things could be improved, fixed, or add more fun to the experience
Referring to what I would do to improve the experience with the map, it would be: when the party enters a dungeon, the map does not show all explored.

In this way the map will show the current position of the player or the party, and as we go walking or running, the map will be illuminated, so then the areas that we have not investigated will remain in dark/transparent.

Another idea to improve the game map is to have the option to open the map by pressing the M key, and when opening the map with the m key, the player can mark with a red X in the map where there is a chest, or what place has been explored, or what place remains to be explored, or if there is an enemy, or something in particular.

So hope this helps and I do apologies with my poor English grammar, cheers everyone
your friend: cloudhaze.


Hey @cloudhaze! Thank you for sharing your feedback! I’ll log this in so the team can discuss your points!


What you’re referring to is “Fog Of War”. I wouldn’t mind having this like most ARPG’s. Adds to the discovery and especially with procedurally generated maps; would be a lot more fun. Guild Wars 1 has “Titles” that can be earned via stuff you do in the game and one of them is… An explorer Title for exploring a % of a region. Also makes the game a bit harder, more tactical and immersive.

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Agreed! we will be adding fog of war as soon as we can. It helps both exploration and navigation (being able to tell you’re going to a new area)