Weapons and skins appearance suggestion

About the weapons and skins appearance, there is very simple desin method:

all uncommon weapons and skins :the main design colors—green
all rare weapons and skins : the main design colors—blue
all epic weapons and skins : the main design colors—purple
all lengendary weapons and skins : the main design colors—orange
and so on

Agreed. I think it’s important to have a universal indicator on Weapon Skins so other players can instantly Identify the rarity of them. Otherwise, people would be happy with an Uncommon Skin that looks cool and just as good if not better than an Epic Skin and that’s not good for the skin economy. We want maximum flex with the higher rarity skins and there is only so many particle effects they can keep adding to the higher rarities.

Cosmetics will never achieve maximum value if they are not instantly identifiable by rarity.


Thought of an idea, posted it in my thread in General Discussion as well…

What about “glowing orbs” of the rarity color that circle the hilt of the weapons to identify rarity? That way the colors of the rest of the weapon can stay the same, but everyone can instantly identify the rarity of the weapon people are using.


For full discussion with solutions and screen shot, please see this thread in General Discussion: https://forum.bigtime.gg/t/identify-cosmetic-weapon-skins-by-rarity