What are your next Patch ideas?

I know this maybe to much since the patch recently happened but playing the game for solo players aren’t quite easy and I know this is a co-op base game. Thefore I’ve been waiting for update that focus on communication between players. so here are Next patch ideas i wanna share:

  • Adding friends
  • Tab for recently played player that can be invited to the party
  • Chat box for specific areas like when in wasteland you could specificly chat with peoples within wasteland only.
  • Voice communications on dungeons or even open mic option for certain areas.
  • Private messages for players.
  • Adjustment for Stat Requirements for item, Knowing that BT Version 0.21 is made to prevent people from skipping a huge part of the experience now leveling is extensively became so difficult but i know that exp events might be a thing in the future for players.
  • Events on weekly or daily bases that incentives on Experience or even items that match the current lvl or even rank of the players.
  • Better aim control for range weapon specially when moving enemy you tend to miss even you aim advance due to the aim assist making you miss since it change direct.
  • Also base from the roadmap Guild update would be coming soon, with some of that im also excited to see guild chats and guild events in the game.
  • In-game trading with other player since since some player sometime sweeps of the items you try to share with specific people.

Last huge shoutout to the Devs working hard making this game and people who listens to the request of the people. Have a nice day!!!

How about you guys what patch are you expecting to see soon?