What can we get in early access?

Hey there,
I read around and found some intruiging posts that early access people can get some stuff before the game’s launch. For example someone mentioned we get a mystery box (i think?) if we hit rank 20.
I joined now with the Jade Pass access. What milestones are there we should be aware about and get?

the Mystery boxes per phase have a chance at dropping but it is not a guaranteed drop for every player the link I posted for the early access mystery boxes seems kind of misleading by saying 1 per player. All that means is players can only receive 1 mystery box of that type of mystery box per account if they get one.


Mystery Boxes are reserved for Gold, Silver and Jade Pass holders but not guaranteed. No idea yet if during the Ruby Pass Season w will see another similar kind of drop. We will need to wait for an official announcement.

Regarding the milestones, it’s still a “mystery”. We don’t know how exactly the box are dropped.

The only alpha is: keep playing until you get one :slight_smile: