What could make big time more fun?

In my opinion, the game is very fun, but I want to hear more ideas to improve the game. what do you propose?

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Add pvp where u can stake ur nfts on a duelarena and winner takes all, there u have fun


You can be quite sure that we havent seen anything yet of what this game has in store for us. My guess is, that they have revealed like 5 % of the game so far :slight_smile: so just have patience my little padawan :stuck_out_tongue:


this will hopefully never happen. They say that they are thinking about adding pvp, but years out in the future probably, but staking nfts, i doubt it. We would see all the best players/ people who would find exploits etc take advantage of this :slight_smile:


Need properly BOSS not like many tank enemies.
Such as Dark souls, FF11, WoW, and Monster hunter.
Huge strong that everyone recognize that is the boss!


Skilling, fishing, duels since we talked about PvP. A DPS meter gauge would be sweet. Resulting in all of our members in a group seeing whos the most Dps. I’d love to see a leaderboard of some sort too. Like how many dungeons you’ve done etc. Would be sweeeeet.

I could sit here all day and talk about suggestions with you guys but i’ll keep it simple for now since were in pre alpha still :slight_smile:


Agree this one is important we need several bosses with advanced mechanics, This is so important to me


All boss rooms need more advance mechanics, there also needs to be no common drops in Level 50+ Dungeons.

Another thing they need to do is revamp all the skills and abilities, there are around 5 abilities that everyone uses for each class. This is because they are vastly unbalanced, and need to be buffed in order to create more of a variety of usefull skills.

Upgrading skills also needs to change they need to create a better system than just 10 levels per skill, it should be a lot higher for late game. As the dungeons get harder the skills should not be capped.

Also, bosses in the main home world would be cool, bosses with a health based on the amount of people in the server would be cool.

The “Lore” is cool in all, but after a while all that stuff just gets forgotten, they need to really think about what will drive players back into the game when they hit high levels and have played all the dungeons. Something I have seen games do is have weekly or monthly like extremely hard dungeons that have a high chance of dropping “Exotic” gear. I believe this idea could benefit the team if they were to release new NFTs into the marketplace.

I think PvP would be cool but they need to get the Pve right first…


Gladiator style arena game’s.

Let me be free!


They can add specializations and sub archetypes for all the classes. For e.g. Chronomancer can specialize in either fire or frost, quantum fixer can be a tank or long range that heals more, time warrior can be either dps or tank, and I can’t think of anything for Shadowblade other than a stealth backstabber maybe a version that runs away and sets explosives like they do now. They can also implement the choice once you reach a certain level. There’s an old game called MapleStory(still around) in which once you reach a specific level you can choose a “job” e.g. warrior, mage, thief, pirate and once you reach a higher level you can branch off and your class adopts a new name plus new skills e.g. the warrior can become a hero, dragon knight, or paladin. Or simply add talent trees once you level up like in WoW or Diablo.


Actually they did have this right now with the gear system. Actually the talent trees via gears are very cool and unique but I agree improvement is needed.

Regarding talents and abilities, they need more synergy between them. For example how certain abilities of yours might buff others. Along with more viable and balanced talent combinations instead of one “meta”

Also definitely need improved animations for abilities. I like the direction they are taking it so far but hope they continue to improve.


Here’s a list of some more suggestions to make Big Time more fun.

  1. More varied gameplay modes - dungeons, raids, pvp, questing, pet battles, etc…
  2. Challenging end game content (raids) - with complex boss mechanics and top rewards for NFTs & stat items
  3. Improved animations - i.e. more varied combat styles for weapon abilities -differentiate 2h sword from 2h axe, and make NFTs improve the cosmetic aspects of these animations
  4. Improved dungeon art/detail - the dungeons definitely need a big improvement in their layout and details - needs much more texture and features inside the dungeon. The layouts are very repetitive currently. Also need more layouts for each dungeon to create more variability for the procedural generation
  5. Mob variety & mechanics - need more variety of mob types, and more complex abilities and mechanics that they have. I should have to fight each type of mob differently. They should each present a different challenge
  6. Improved cosmetics & character customization - Cosmetics need major improvements, especially because the NFTs are based around this. Also character customization should be improved - i.e. female characters, other races, facial/hair options etc…
  7. In game mounts & vehicles - (ideally NFTs)
  8. In game cinematics and robust story line - need more immersion into this world. We need to feel like it is real. Cinematics will help to create the lore around this game and make players feel immersed in it.
  9. More zones and dungeon maps - The procedural generation really isnt cutting it right now. We need many more dungeon maps that are distinct from eachother (note Binosaur desert map vs Bug Grassy as a poor example). The game feels extremely repetitive right now, more variety of maps will help to mitigate that.

Thats sadly false - even if i would hope it would be different.
What they released is the finished acctuall game.

It will be a grinder in Dungeons, thats all.
They will implement some new sides dishes and some benefits, some additional dungeons and towns.

But the game basic, is allready set.


Not true… Yes the game is primarily a dungeon grinder akin to Diablo but they’ve already confirmed that questing will be implemented, as well as some form of end game content like raids. And obviously we have our time machines (Space) which opens up lots of varied gameplay possibilities.

PvP , Auction house , Crafting, solo content , open world exploring ( very rear monsters anywhere in the world , treasure chest, rare mounts than you can tame or find and other stuff that rewards you for exploring the map)
Bigger Action Bar and more skills, Mounts, events with exclusive nft’s , More classes, furniture blueprints as rare loot, Professions like Engineering in Wow, Some open world Pvp Zone, Guild vs Guild pvp , oh did i mention PvP? If not then please add PvP to the game

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I’m sure it is in the making but, making dungeons where you can have more then 6 people at a time in your party. Myself and guild mates have all ready ran into the problem where we all want to play together but, are limited to only having 6 people at a time.

Best of luck with drops!


You all have wonderful ideas. Reading them made me actually put the game more into perspective. There’s a lot we could do with big time and polish it to be a triple aaa hit. Keep them suggestions flowing and let the rng gods be in your favour !

In every PVE MMO I’ve ever played players clammer for PVP before the PVE portion is rock solid. What this game needs is focus on the world. This is an RPG not Fortnite, the players need to have an immersive world to explore. This means having a great storyline in place, engaging NPCs and challenging enemies that not only have personality but require strategy to beat, not just spam attacks. There also needs to be a vast landscape to explore separated by difficultly barriers. This means populating areas with enemies that make travel treacherous, challenging and rewarding. The open world should be populated with nefarious monsters that have a chance of randomly spawning in certain areas. These enemies would be elite mobs that have a high chance of dropping rare NFTs. Get all this in place and the game economy and then focus on PVP.

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  • The overworld at the moment is pretty bland and serves merely as means to travel from one dungeon to the next.
  • Add something to the overworld to make it more engaging and give players a reason to spend time in it, to create more variety and give players a break from the endless dungeon grinding.
  • There should be NPCs or enemies that populate certain areas of the overworld.
  • Have ownable creatures/mounts in the game that are used for travel or serve some other utility in the overworld. For example, areas of the map such as a giant mountain/volcano summit that is only accessible to players who own a dragon/griffin/pterodactyl, because there is no other way to reach the summit.
  • Players could obtain a creature/mount as follows:
    There is a certain region of the map where players can defeat a giant dragon/griffin/pterodactyl to obtain that creature’s eggs; the player puts the egg in a Space NFT which causes the egg to hatch after a certain period of time; players can find food for their creature in the overworld which is brought back and fed to the creature to make it grow; the creature eventually grows into a fully-sized adult that is capable of flight, which the player can mount and use to access new parts of the map as mentioned in the previous point.
  • Boss rooms need to be actual ROOMS rather than just open areas that look the same as the rest of the dungeon.
  • Boss rooms should have distinct bosses that are bigger and stronger than standard enemy types.
  • Defeating certain bosses should require strategy and cooperation between team members, rather than everyone just charging in and attacking bosses all at once like they would do with other enemies. For instance, some bosses should have a certain weakness that can only be exploited by specific classes such as chronomancer or quantum fixer, which puts the boss in a weakened state and/or makes them behave differently to open them up to attacks from other classes. When this happens, a new weakness is opened up in which they can only be damaged by a different class such as time warrior or shadowblade. This pattern repeats until the boss is defeated.

Amazing suggestions everyone keep up the good work and write any idea’s you might have on this post.

I am personally rooting for fishing , gathering type of level able skills being added to add an extra layer to the open world like if skinning was added to the game where players could go hunt down the passive mobs around the world and skin the hide off of them being used to make bags and basic starter gear this would be an amazing an interesting feature. I cant wait for lore either to be more fleshed out.