When Game for everyone goes live - what exactly resets?

I am hearing everything resets except your cosmetic NFT’s, which makes zero sense to me why we would get pre-access to gain the in game utility items (like swords, shields etc) but lose these with our Exp once the game resets.

Can someone confirm exactly what we keep (Exp, levels, cosmetic NFT, in game weapons and similar items) vs what gets reset?



The game isn’t in a release form. Lots of things like items and mechanics are still in flux.
If items(incl. watches) were to be carried over into release we’d end up with hella broken items that might be extremely OP.

We’re effectively in a sandbox, one that rewards you at least.

That makes sense but it also doesn’t. People paid for early access, if only cosmetic NFT’s carry forward that have no bearing on actual in game utility, that means people won’t have an advantage once the game goes live. That means people PAID to provide Bigtime with alpha data for their game… why would they do that? I literally spent hundreds of hours building up my characters for a couple cosmetic NFT’s and paid close to $1,500 to have early access that doesn’t actually provide me future utility once real game play starts? Are you sure? That doesn’t make any sense to me, where did you get your information from? One would assume if they had no intention to provide a competitive advantage to people but wanted feedback to prepare the game for mass release, then they shouldn’t have charged for alpha… every single person I talked to who bought early access did so assuming it would provide them a real advantage with real utility

This also means there is literally no point in me playing anymore since the drop rate is practically nill

And they got that.

Flexing status items and space are literally NFT utility.

Correct. It’s not pay to win.

Peppered EAL staff posts.

Pretty sure they’ve said a few times in the various AMAs pre-EAL that it wasn’t pay to win, so that one’s on you guys. shrug.


To clarify for you @mazaholdings the Big Time team has said everything resets except for the NFT’s you have purchased/looted so only the cosmetics. Keep in mind this is an alpha and everything we see now is subject to change such as there will be much more on full release like (Quests, lore, Dungeons, space) So the leveling process will feel different from how it is now and if we started the full release at the levels we got during alpha it would rob us of the new and improved experience on full release as well as put us at a unfair advantage against new players entering the game so its best that they are doing the full reset (except for NFT’s) -Sneaky