Where is the main factor, SOLO?!

We need solo experience. Solo quests, story etc. Gamers nowadays are older.
They dont have time to wait to find others. They just want to go in an mmorpg
and do something solo. Party dungeons should be a choice. You ve done the opposite.
If your game lauches like this its gonna be a disarter. Dont be optimistic.
New world’s launch was a disaster too. Imagine yours.
Thank god i didnt buy early access, but i got giveaway ruby pass.
You clearly have to see this to learn how much solo experience matters


Let’s keep in mind that the game takes very little time, a lot of things are missing.
I hope that in the future there will be, as you say, an option to play solo doing missions, exploring places, collecting objects for professions… there would be many things to do and we would have many options so that we would never get bored.

Its like the pizza has no toppings and not cooked yet but you are shouting at the chef because its not yummy :joy: look at the timeline man, solo experience is in there… be patient and wait for the game to fully launch before you complain will you?

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bro, have u ever played onother early access game? Let me inform u that most early access games
stay the same. But specifically in this game, that thing, only dungeons first, shows the games perspective. Story mode should be the main focus, not dungeons. Force everyone to repetively play with others searching for teamates seems good to u? And what about this patience u talk about? U think this game has the time to be completed? There are other completed mmorpgs that every1 can play. U think we ll play this, or w8 for to be completed? Riot’s mmorpg maybe comes out completed before. U think big time will still exist then? U think we will remember this game? There is too much competition dude.

As i said, save your complain when the game fully launches… who forced you to play? :man_facepalming:

say that to the guys who paid to play this

3 words, “free to play”. Now if those guys wants to invest on something, nobody forced them to do so… if you invest on something that is new (not even finished) dont expect too much, its a gamble… if you want to talk about money, theres bunch of web 2 games out there milking peoples wallets as we speak and they dont even really own those shit and wont make money out of it, so dont speak for those people for what they want to do with their money… if you dont want to invest in bigtime, thats fine… go to those web 2 games and good luck to you :slightly_smiling_face:

But these games u say are completed and y already know u wont make money of them. They dont advertise themselves as p2e nft dogshit, they are legit games. If u wont to make money from big time i’d suggest u to cut off of lsd. Also, games are not investments. The nft thing made em look like investments. And as a person, where would u spend money?
Would you pay 150$+ to play early access in an unfinished game that you wont even make 10 cents,
or would you buy a completed game for 60$? Who milks who? Everyone hates nft games because there is one more way that a game can monetize on gamers and the price tags are ridiculous. 300$ for the worst pass for early access? ARE U KIDDING ME?!

But all your asking for is planned for in PA. Have you listen to any AMA’s?

ehem diablo immortal ehem :rofl: