Why Remove Spell Effects? [New Update Feedback]

Some initial feedback from the update. First off, amazing job on allowing players to select the Instance. That was huge. I’m not a fan of the new potion graphics, but maybe there was some reason they needed to be changed, I will get used to the new look. No worries there.

Good nerf on the Time Warrior run/spin, I was spamming that constantly, and not using my normal attacks, so that was a good fix.

Only issue I have is with removing some of the spell effects from the skills. For example the Time Warrior WhirlWind. It looked beautiful before and it served a function of showing the range of the attack. Without that, we have no sense of the range of the spin, so it makes it much harder, and less fun to use. The only spell effect that needed to be toned down was the Chronomancer Fire, and that was left unchanged. So that was confusing. (edited)

My guess is some people complained about the Chonomancer Fire, and for some reason a lot of spell effects that did not need to be changed got changed. Ironically the one that needed to be changed did not get changed. We’ll get used to it, but you will hear that complaint quite a bit on the spell effects that were removed.

Overall take away, is great work on the Instance Selecting. That was critical. About the other stuff, my general rule is if it’s not broke, don’t fix it. Sometimes feedback from the few ends up leading to a change that upsets the many. I could have gone without the graphical updates that were worse than what we had before, in my opinion those were negative changes.



The new casting animation on Blizzard looks awesome but takes much longer to cast and makes you extremely vulnerable to getting hit. I like the change on Frost Nova which is now quicker and had the opposite effect.

Also please make fireball great again!!! This was my best ability, but now it does no AOE splash damage since the new patch. It’s really not viable as a single target ability due to the long cast time.


I think at least part of the reason they changed the graphics on the potions was to make different potion types more distinguishable. For example, the back-to-town potion icon now looks nothing like the others so it’s impossible for players to get it confused with other potions.

They are very much LESS distinguishable. I have no idea what you are talking about.


So you literally didn’t notice that back to town potion now looks completely different from the other potions? They obviously did this to prevent new players from getting confused and using the wrong potion, thus opening a portal back to town when they weren’t meaning to.

The effects were a bit too much. I think they are trying to renew the graphics now. But before it they just made them simpler.

They were “fun” before, now they are not fun. If the reason was because they were causing a loss in FPS for people with lower end computers, they could have made them more simple while keeping the functionality of showing the range for the WhirWind spin and the others.


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