XP System Improvement needed

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Problem you’re trying to solve
Anti Boost XP System

How you currently feel about this in-game and how you think you should feel
[To this current stage of the game it wasn’t a big deal because nor level neither rank was important, but now as rank gets a core mechanic of the game u should consider rebuilding the xp system. For example at the moment people that noticed this, build their own group and look that they are top tier u get up to 6x or more xp if u are the highest lvl person in group, this also refers to the rank you rank up way slower than others in your group if ur not the highest in the group even tho the level isnt even that important, i’ve seen 20 lvl lower people carry more than once.]

Any ideas you have on how things could be improved, fixed, or add more fun to the experience

Giving static xp for level as long as mob is>=your level
e.g. you are level 2 and kill level 20 mob it gives u xp as if the mob is lvl 2,
some1 in your group is level 18 and kills the same mob it gives him xp as the mob is lvl 18,
some1 in your group is level 28 and kills the same mob it gives him hardly any xp because players level is too high.

This means there is still no real boosting possibility and you would even more consider doing dungeons in your level range because it would be much more efficient, higher mobs would only give you more xp as you reach the level they have. every player would level as fast as any1 else which would balance the rank rquirement patch for everyone.
At the moment rank doesnt tell you how much a player has grinded its just unbalanced and needs improvement.


This is being worked on.